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David is an attorney located in Des Moines, Iowa. He practices in the family law arena. David has extensive experience in divorce, child custody, mediation practice and all areas of family law. Call David today to arrange your free, initial consultation. Check out what he can do for you to help resolve your difficulties.

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Divorce can be an extremely stressful process, especially when you are unable to reach an agreement and have to appear in court. As an experienced family law attorney, I understand the how difficult this process is. It is my belief that the parties should consider all alternatives to resolve their case out-of- court. This will will reduce costs and result in a settlement both parties find fair. It is best that the parties both take an active role in resolving the case. Call me to learn more.

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Divorce is often a stressful event. Call and learn how I can help you and your family through the process.

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If divorce is where you are going, please consider mediation to resolve your disputes. As an experienced attorney and family law mediator, I will work to help you focus on resolving your case to the satisfaction of all. Call today for your free consultation.
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Iowa law provides three custodial options. Shared care where the parties share equal custody of the children. Joint custody with one parent having primary care. Sole custody where one parent has custody and makes all the decisions.
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Child support in Iowa is determined by a number of factors. The income of the parties, along with various deductions, are applied to a standard set of guidelines. As your attorney, I will gather the financials to prepare a calculation.
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